Automatic wine valuation and wine purchase

Would you like to sell your wine cellar? We buy wines internationally! With our automatic wine valuation system you receive 24/7 immediately a fully automatic first evaluation of your wines. Simply enter your wines below, e.g. Brion 2007, and select the suitable wine from the suggestion list. You will immediately see an evaluation according to the market data available to us. You can enter any number of wines for evaluation. If you would like to receive a binding evaluation and a purchase offer from our experts, you can then send the list of wines to us.

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*Disclaimer: The automatic valuation is based on extensive current and historical data in our databases and is non-binding. Market prices may change at short notice. The concrete valuation of the wines depends beyond that on the bottle condition and further aspects. We assume with the automatic valuation that the wine bottles are in faultless condition (undamaged capsule, undamaged label, high fill level). For a binding valuation of your wines by our experts, you can simply send the list of your entered wines to our experts. Please use the opportunity to upload pictures of the individual wines.

If prices are determined automatically with this symbol, only a few current market data are available. Current prices may vary more.