About us

Riepenau Fine & Rare was founded in 2002 in Kaltenkirchen/Hamburg and since then has been operating an active network of international wine trade. In order to make these activities even more effective in the future, we bundle the marketing and procurement of the "blue chips" of the wine trade in an international broking platform.

Bernd Riepenau

Bernd is the Chairman and Owner of Riepenau Fine & Rare. He began as a General Manager for Hawesko, one of Europe's biggest mail order companies in 1998, before extending his business and finally opening the Hong Kong office in 2010. He is mainly responsible for buying Bordeaux, but he also has great knowledge of the other fine wines of France, Italy and Spain.
Bernd currently lives with his wife and two children in Hamburg and enjoys spending time in Greece, where he is in process of starting his own olive oil production.